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Ambassador of Ukraine held a meeting with heads of the «Rotary ICC Israel-Ukraine» and «Reuth» hospital. | 20 July, 20:18

On the 19th of July, 2016 Ambassador of Ukraine Mr.Hennadii Nadolenko held a meeting with head of the Israeli company «Rotary ICC Israel-Ukraine» Shai Sara and director general of the «Reuth» hospital Dr. Dov Albukrek.

The response of the Ambassador of Ukraine in Israel H.E. Mr. H. Nadolenko | 20 July, 15:50

to the article of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Israel H.E. Mr. A. Shein “Exclusive: article from the Russian ambassador to Israel - Aleksander Shein, on the geopolitical situation between Russia and Europe, and particularly in the Crimea,”

posted on Likudnik website of the Likud party

The Days of Ukrainian Cinema have started in Israel | 07 May, 11:17

The Days of Ukrainian Cinema in Israel have started in Cinematheques of three cities - Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. From May 5 2016 until the end of month best Ukrainians films will be presented to the Israeli audience.


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